Conde Nast Traveler: Altdorf - Middenheim Road Edition - "The Cock & Bottle Inn"

    The Cock & Bottle Inn is a large coaching inn, located near the turn-off to Grøssbad on the Altdorf - Middenheim road. It's been in the Holmer family for generations, and Edgar and Gilda Holmer, along with a full-time summer staff of six, continue the traditions that make this one of the best inns along this thoroughfare (and certainly, one of the top five that isn't owned by Four Seasons!).
    The Locale itself encompasses nearly a square mile of land; nestled at the connecting corner of four different farmsteads means that it gets the hops and wheat for the home-brewed beer (a sort of red ale) and bread very cheap, and the Holmers work harmoniously and cooperatively with the neighbors.  The inn is self-sufficient, and even in winter, has at least a modicum of supplies and varied comestibles.
    In terms of coaching and equine-care accoutrements, the inn boasts two separate coach-houses (capable of comfortably housing eight fully-loaded carriages) and a very large stable and smithy.  
   A fully stocked pantry, bakery, brewery and herb garden are also located on-premises.

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   With Friederheim in close proximity, there is never a shortage of the locale's speciality: Hard Apple Cider.  Additionally, being located directly North of Altdorf, there is a pretty good diversity in foodstuffs and alcohol for sale: several different pilsners are available at all times of the year, and in non-Winter months, pork and chicken are readily available.  Highly recommended by travelers of the road are the Cock & Bottle's breakfast, consisting of oatmeal, an egg, and fresh bread, honey and preserves.  Known as the "Six Brass", it gets its name from the cost of the meal.
   Accommodation is never in short supply.  In addition to two common rooms, a 24-hour snug, three four-bunks, six double rooms and six single rooms are also available.  Matthias Verkook, proprietor of the snug, is also a guilded tobacconist, and has a modest selection of pipe tobacco, cigars and cigarillos available.  Three hearths assure that the inn is warm and cozy even in the coldest Winter months.

   "Good prices, good food, and a warm hearth.  All that, and a cozy bed await you at the Cock & Bottle.  Three-and-a-half out of five stars."
                                    -- Ruprecht Argeiler, President, Conde Nast

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